Regenerative Medicine

Platelet Rich Plasma Kits

Recent scientific research and technology provides the medical community with new understandings of wound and tissue healing... read more

Adepose Derived Stemcell Kits

The ideal stem cell for use in functional tissue engineering needs to be abundantly available, harvested with minimal morbidity... read more

Melanocyte Processing Kit

CCS-AMTC is a closed, innovative, safe system for the rapid preparation of autologous cell suspension which includes dermal cells... read more

Bone Marrow Derived Stemcell Kits

Stem cell plasticity refers to the ability of adult stem cells to acquire mature phenotypes that are different from their tissue of origin... read more

Transfusion / Transplantation Medicine

Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is the process of collecting and storing new born’s umbilical cord stem cells for potential medical use.... read more

Tissue /Cell Processing

CCS offers a full range of high end technology for cell or tissue processing. Our technology provide our clinicians and healthcare... read more