Melanocyte Processing Kits

CCS-AMTC is a closed, innovative, safe system for the rapid preparation of autologous cell suspension which includes dermal cells, epidermal cells, cells from the dermal-epidermal junction and the cell signaling factors (growth factors) which plays vital role in the process of healing.


Melanocyte/Keratinocyte Transplantation

There are many alternatives to treat vitiligo, including surgical procedures, which are recommended for patients resistant to other therapies. The melanocyte/ keratinocyte transplantation consists in the separation of epidermal cells obtained from a donor site and spreading these cells on the depigmented and dermabraded recipient area.

The procedure is performed under sterile conditions in a operation theatre. Under local anaesthetic, a small, very thin area of healthy skin is removed, usually from the hip area. Using a well researched and developed technique, the skin is processed to produce a pre-confluent mix of epidermal cells. The area to be treated is gently abraded, once again under local anaesthetic, and the skin cell mixture is applied. The skin cells immediately attach themselves and the healing and repigmentation process begins. The cells can do no harm as they are autologous i.e. the patient’s own cells.

The treatment is very safe and usually 100% effective. Patients start to see repigmentation in about 1 to 4 months with full benefit in up to a year. This is because the transplanted melanocytes need to proliferate and begin producing melanin.

Most patients get the result they seek with a single treatment but for some patients with larger areas it may be necessary to have more than one treatment session.

Fibroblast Cells Transplantation

In the correction of aesthetic impairments on the face, dermal, and superficial subcutaneous defects, adequately safe implant material is required. Cultured autologous skin fibroblasts, as a protein repair system, create a living injectable system that has been utilized effectively to treat rhytids, depressed scars, subcutaneous atrophy, acne irregularities, and laser wounds.

The use of autologous fibroblasts for the augmentation of dermal and subcutaneous defects represents a potentially exciting natural alternative to the use of other filler materials for its long-term corrective ability and absence of allergic adverse effects proved by clinical application.

CCS-AMTC (A Point of Care Technology)

CCS-AMTC is an innovative clinical solution in the treatment of VITILIGO, BURNS, ACNE TREATMENT, FACIAL RHYTIDS and DERMAL DEPRESSIONS that harnesses the skin’s regenerative qualities for a simple, safe, time- and cost-effective process.

Our technology reduces required donor skin harvesting area while improving functional outcome in injuries of varying indications.

Reducing the donor site area reduces the risks associated with donor skin harvesting. Reduction of donor skin harvesting ultimately benefits all patients faced with the potential need for auto-grafting.

The autologous cell suspension prepared using CCS-AMTC has shown to be effective in many ways:

    The autologous Melanocyte preparation can be used for Vitiligo and Burns.

    The autologous Fibroblast preparation can be used for Acne Treatment, Facial Rhytids and Dermal Depressions.

    In deep burns the autologous suspension can be used in combination with meshed autografts.

    The autologous suspension used alone in areas limited to partial-thickness injury, achieves primary closure in a timeframe comparable to conventional autografting.

    The minimal donor site requirement changes the risk profile of early surgical intervention for closure of burns of indeterminate depth.

    Treating donor site with the autologous suspension stimulates regeneration of donor skin for re-harvesting.


User Friendly

    Minimum steps required.

    Autologous Cell Suspension can be prepared within one hour and is ready to treat the affected area with no need for cell culture.

    Easy separation and isolation with only one KIT.


    Closed system / No air contamination possibility.

    Gamma irradiation of device ensures no microbial contamination.

Cost Effective

    This intra-operative procedure avoids any need for extra laboratory equipment or staff.

Convenient Design

    Single use disposable kit.

    Autologous cell suspension sufficient to cover vitiligo area or burn injuries and donor sites can be prepared from a small skin sample.

    Helps in separation of patients own Melanocytes and /or Fibroblasts from skin tissue.