Cyonics Cyto Solutions Private Limited is a global medical technology company focusing development of highly innovative and affordable Point of Care products in Regenerative and Transfusion Medicine and diagnostics technologies.


Our goal is to design and develop medical devices that are affordable, patient friendly and user friendly devices with excellent operability and effectiveness. We foresee and capture the needs, such as responses to changes in the healthcare systems or the growing concern towards the concept of quality of life and act in advance, we will strive to provide healthcare industry with thorough solution by utilizing our strengths.


CCS’s product development pipeline addresses focus areas of large unmet clinical needs. Further down the pipeline, the company is engaged in developing advanced, innovative medical device Technologies in Regenerative Medicine, Transfusion Medicine and Diagnostics which are cost effective.


CCS is committed to deliver safe, effective and affordable technology in a "Bench to Bedside" manner, by enriching cutting edge research and clinical applications. CCS endeavors to maintain scientific and ethical practices through a Quality Management System in accordance with accepted national and international guidelines.

We accomplish this through dedicated efforts of our team to continually monitor and improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System to enhance and innovate there by reflecting our trueness.